Better The Ugly Truth

10 Steps To Have Your Heart Broken.

1.  Meet someone.

2. Be curious. Ask questions.

3. Listen to their words because they sound so beautiful. Believe they mean what they mean.

4. Share of yourself – your time, energy, honesty. Let them into your life.

5.  Believe, that as a rational compassionate human being, they are doing the same.

6. Start liking them. Heck start thinking it might be love.

7. Trust that they are who they say they are.

8. Take a moment to start listening to your intuition that you might not know this person that well for them to deserve your trust.

9. Take deep breaths and push the envelope. Ask loaded questions. Probe for answers. Look at their actions now and not just the words coming out of their mouth.

10. Finally. The ugly truth.  Realise you didn’t know shit about the other person after all.

But better the  ugly truth than a lie.

Bonus Tips On What To Do Next:

1.  Cry your freaking eyes out (at the very least an hour… just let it out…no judgment).

2.  Drink a tall glass of cold water (or as many as it takes for your body to feel better).

3. Sit in silence for a while (no thinking, just be still).

4. Shrug your shoulders (literally), say out loud “Oh well, that’s that.”

5. Move on with your life (start by getting a move on… ah dance classes, here I come).

Rinse. Repeat if necessary.

4 thoughts on “Better The Ugly Truth

  1. Sergio Mendes warned us that The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye, and Vera Lynn seconded that indeed, It Hurts To Say Goodbye, but Tom Jones and Stephen Bishop consoled us by predicting that One Day Soon, there’ll be Something New In Our Life.

    • Ah, the songs that resonates with us at a particular moment, I believe says a lot about what’s going on within us. Speaking of which, that’s what’s going to be in my next post.

      Again, thanks for visiting and commenting.

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